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We are the manufacturer of electronics for intelligent energy management in HVAC systems. We produce controllers for heat pumps, controllers for boilers, controllers for ventilation and floor heating. We provide fully customized OEM solutions tailored to manufacturers and distributors.


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We provide electronics for smart energy management in IoT systems. Our solutions are dedicated to the HVAC, GAS and WOD-KAN industries.
We create OEM solutions. However, we treat each product and its implementation individually. We guarantee full implementation and post-sales support from our R&D department.
We are agile. We develop all our projects in SCRUM methodology, which allows us to implement our devices faster and more effectively.
We manufacture in Poland. We ensure product delivery reliability through local production, fully controlled for quality. We design competitive and interoperable devices, meaning they collaborate with devices from other suppliers.

We prioritize cooperation, business partnerships, and the development of fully personalized products, both in terms of hardware and software. This is our promise and our competitive advantage.

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How we work at PLUM? Agile and transparently. In our daily work, we follow the principles of agile project management. We focus on goals, engage in every project, and our communication and collaboration are built on mutual respect, trust, and reliability. This approach allows us to implement our devices faster and more effectively.


step 1.
We establish
technical requirements.


step 2.
We enhance your hardware
and software. Close collaboration
with the Research and Development


step 3.
We commence production
of your device.


step 4.
We offer customized technical
and operational training.
Marketing support.


step 5.
We provide technical
and service support. Continuous communication
with the Customer Service Department.

control system
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Check how the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) operates and integrates control over the installation, heat pump, ventilation, and underfloor heating system.


Check if we have a controller that meets your requirements.

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installation controllers

heat pump controllers

ventilation controllers

underfloor heating controllers

pellet boiler controllers

controllers for fan coil units

fireplace controllers

controllers for wood gasification boilers

solar controllers

fire ventilation system


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remote service </br> with xCLOUD module

remote service
with xCLOUD module

Full control of the heating system, instant notifications of system alarms, time savings and lower service costs through remote service diagnosis and system optimization. Sound interesting?

automating water meter reading with plum’s solutions

automating water meter reading with plum’s solutions

Utilizing Narrowband IoT technology and the straightforward Plug & Play system, we provide easy-to-use and comprehensive electronic solutions for water meter installations.

MCE 2024 trade fair summary

MCE 2024 trade fair summary

Thank you for the opportunity to make new business contacts and for the fruitful discussions on the future of the HVAC industry, it drives us to action. With heads full of ideas, we get to work. Invariably, we want to be part of our customers’ great projects.

join us at the MCE Mostra Convegno 2024

join us at the MCE Mostra Convegno 2024

Join us at the MCE Mostra Convegno 2024 in Milan – Discover the new in Plum HVAC Electronics

new brand, </br>new plum’s services

new brand,
new plum’s services

We’ve established a new industry called PLUM EMS, which involves comprehensive electronics assembly on demand. We’re launching a B2B order platform tailored to our business clients.

focus </br>on IoT

on IoT

At Plum, we create electronics for effective energy management, and we want to do it remotely. Learn more about IoT-based electronics in the HVAC, gas, and water supply industries.

the new version </br>of Plum

the new version
of Plum

After more than three decades of delivering electronics that improve energy efficiency in sectors like gas, HVAC, and water, we have boldly outlined a new chapter in our history. We are undergoing a rebranding process, redefining our purpose, the direction of our actions, and ultimately, our image.